5Aces from Estonia


We are proud to announce that 5Aces eSport is resuming its operations to conquer the Counter Strike Global Offensive leagues, such as the ESEA divisions and tournament qualifiers. At the end of 2018, we stopped all operational activities to explore various and above all the best options for the future. With the current line-up, we have finally found a team that will represent 5Aces eSport in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Our previous team, which represented 5Aces eSport, disbanded in the middle of the 29th ESEA season. The break was essential to prepare for all the challenges lying ahead of us.

Our new Counter Strike Global Offensive line-up consists of five promising players from Estonia. 5Aces eSport is known for its history with teams from Estonia, as already one team, made up of Estonians, carried the flag of our organization for a long time. The former Estonian team represented 5Aces eSport for the longest period of all teams playing under the organization's flag. The former team also showed an excellent attitude, great commitment and highest loyalty. All this made it easier for the management to decide to accept the team's offer and sign the players. The following players will represent 5Aces eSport in CSGO in the future:

Alvar 'consss' Rämman
Egerti 'eku' Kiisk
Kaarel 'RSKkaarel' Kell
Oliver 'Jesus' Kruusamägi
Max 'maXeLL-' Frolov

Team-Captain, Alvar 'consss' Rämman:
We are very happy to be part of 5Aces eSport. We will do our best to show that we have what it takes to meet the expectations of the organization and our followers.

Eduard Kreiter, CEO 5Aces eSport:
We would like to welcome our new squad and thank all players for the respectful and trusting discussions we had during the negotiations. After our organization took some time out to analyze the past and determine what direction we want to take next, we are happy to have been given the opportunity to work with a promising team. We wish the team a successful season and lots of fun in our organisation. #Go5Aces!