Nordic nature preserved


Meanwhile the 34th ESEA season is just around the corner. Unfortunately, we missed our goal to keep our spot in the Main Division last season, whereupon our old Norwegian team decided to disband due to helplessness and continuing stagnation in terms of performance. They simply couldn't solve the team's internal problems regarding their game, which according to team captain Lars "Jakobsen" Jakobsen and his deputy Ola Rune "Azena" Jonsson, led to the final decision after Jarand "Jay9" Lein recently also informed the team that he was retiring from competitive gaming due to a restructuring in his private life.

We would like to thank the team around team captain Lars "Jakobsen" Jakobsen for the passion and dedication they have shown during their time at 5Aces eSport and wish them all the best in their upcoming tasks in competitive gaming, but especially in their private lives.

As mentioned at the beginning, the next season is already in its starting blocks. The management was just about to start looking for a new team, but they were preceded by a Twitter message from a player of a team that was looking for an organisation like 5Aces eSport to represent. Sander "Spredd" Hjortland and his team, all around team captain Tobias "echo" Rusvik, after fruitful discussions, finally became part of 5Aces eSport and will represent the organization in the next two ESEA seasons (34 and 35). The players are all from Norway, so 5Aces eSport will continue on the path of "Nordic by Nature" for some time to come.

•    Statement Eduard Kreiter (CEO 5Aces eSport):
I would like to thank our new Norwegian team for the very lively discussions regarding a future cooperation and look forward to the next two seasons with the boys. To an exciting, thrilling and successful time! #WeAre5Aces

•    Statement Tobias "echo" Rusvik (Team Captain):
On behalf of our team, I am very happy to say we are proud to be joining the 5Aces eSport family. I know with all my heart that all of us are willing to put in the work to reach new heights. The ambitions within the team is rocket high, and as a mature player it's amazing to be surrounded by young talents, and to see their development.

The team consists of the following players:
Tobias "echo" Rusvik
Sander "Spredd" Hjortland
Iver "Buschelisous" Fryberg Bush
Marius "Mario" Sivertsen
Leon Tongfai "Leon" Lam