5Aces in ESEA & CEVO Main

With this season coming to an end, we take a look at what everyone here at 5Aces eSport has achieved.

The season has indeed been very fruitful for our amazing team. With some successes and some failures, we managed to slip into the ESEA and CEVO Main next season. We will be anticipating this next event with many preparations as well as excitement. It is safely said, on behalf of our CS:GO team and the staff, that it has been a pleasure participating in many of the events this season. This is a good way to steady us a grippy foundation to build on.

Since we will be having a looser schedule for a while now, we will use this time well to get to work and come in with a potential boom next season. This is another big step for 5Aces eSport, the Main league is a high ladder we just climbed, with us speeding the lane faster than ever before. Soon, we hope to stomp that pedal even further and get you, the fans, some great triumphs to talk about!

The 5Aces eSport CS:GO lineup remains as follows:

 Andreas 'cHeLios' Moder
 Amel 'krowN' Zuhric
 Jesse 'T0X' Streibl
 Marcel 'Delayer' Löhsl
 Daniel 'kaizr' Hafner

Team Manager:
 Siim 'n0cturnal' Karo

The staff and management of 5Aces eSport also has been working hard, achieving heights, and preparing a special surprise for everyone. We will be announcing it very soon so be prepared and stay tuned!