5Aces eSport Acquires PUBG Team


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds became the most played game of 2017,  breaking many records in the gaming industry since its initial Early Access realease on March 23rd, 2017. In January 2018, a new all time peak of over 3.2 million simultaneous players appeared on Even though this number of players is further bolstered by the game's ample chinese community, which seems to be snowballing and driving new players to the game continously, the potential of PUBG as a title is undoubted. However, PUBG had and still has to proove that it is not a one-hit-wonder but can compete with the biggest esport titles and global players including Dota 2, League of Legends and, of course, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Despite its young history, the Elecctronic Sports League and other leagues decided to give PUBG a try and organized a number of qualifiers for major tournaments. ESL even took PUBG in to their Intel Extreme Master events; a big step for both the developers and the community as a whole. 5Aces eSport observed the process and decided to place a foothold in PUBG, signing a promissing and talented team from the Czech Republic. The four players led by their captain Ondřej "Anndreas" Vaněk joined 5Aces eSport and immedaitely signed up to the Auzom PUBG Open League. They will also compete in all qualifier hosted by ESL for the Intel Extreme Masters events.

Our PUBG team consists of:

Ondřej "Anndreas" Vaněk
Tomáš "tommy" Vlček
Radek "radik" Davídek
Jakub "Biousek" Macháň

We are pleased to welcome all players to 5Aces eSport and we are looking forward to a hopefully great experience. Also we would like to thank all players for their passion and trust in 5Aces eSport. Playing in leagues like Auzom and the ESL means a lot for the organization's growth.