5Aces eSport DOSB Statement


The German Olympic Sports Confederation decided that esports is not a sport based on "self-motor skills, nor is it a constitutive characteristic of the sport determining movement". 5Aces eSport strongly rejects the association's view, including its intention to rename our beloved sport in "eGaming" to separate electronic sports from traditional sports. Many of the reasons given by the German Olympic Sports Confederation prove that the association does not understand the industry and mechanics behind esports. All these reasons are misinterpretations and misleading of what esports really is, namely sport. The renaming of esports into "eGaming" shows that the association does not understand esports in any way. Adding an "e" to gaming is pointless, as gaming is already electronic, and as it should distract from the main problem Germany faces in relation to esports, the debate on whether esports should be renamed eGaming must end.

The BOSD breaks down the following reasons why esports is not considered as traditional sports:

◾ It does not feature a "self-motor, sport determining movement"
◾ It's been classified as a "potentially addictive activity by the World Health Organization" and thus a health risk
◾ No organizational bridge between the interest oritentation of the sports system and the market orientation of "eGaming"
◾ In eGaming, there is no differentiation according to ethical principals. The BOSD claims that "a large number of games are in clear contradiction to this", seeming to refer to the violence in video games
◾ The BOSD takes issue with esports being for marketing purposes of the games by developers

In view of the reasons mentioned by the DOSB, 5Aces eSport would like to express again that from 5Aces eSport's perspective the board of the DOSB is not aware of what it takes to become a professional esports athlete. 5Aces eSport's statement as follows:

◾ A "self-motor, sport determining movement" is not featured in different sports the DOSB features in their list of which sports are considered as sport e.g. archery, (mini-)golf or chess.
◾ The classification as a "potentially addictive activity by the World Health Organization" and thus a health risk is hypocritical. If the WHO would be consequent regarding this matter, boxing and many other full contact sports would have to stop their activity with immediate effect or not being considered as sport.
◾ The point "No organizational bridge between the interest orientation of the sports system and the market orientation of eGaming" is again wrong. Associations like WESG and the player's association in Counter Strike CSPPA were formed due to exact this reason. Even if the DOSB will refuse to accept esports as sport, they will be forced to do so at some point which is inevitable.
◾ The reason "ethical principals and the violence in video games" is hypocritical. Boxing and several traditional combat sports are excessively celebrating violence for people around the globe. Those sports are not only showing the audience violence, humans even died in right in the (boxing) ring after fights due to heavy hits.
◾ That's true but also conform since every traditional sport lives from marketing. Football clubs are ambassadors for many companies and brands which means that marketing to promote a game or product is completely legit. The sport football is also using its game to make marketing for football. Why should a publisher not be allowed to do marketing for its product if it is an esports-ready title?

5Aces eSport learned that BIG (Berlin International Gaming), one of the leading esports organizations in Germany, issued a statement urging esports fans "to stand united in the face of denouncement from the German Olympic Sports Coalition". 5Aces eSport endorse the campaign to make sure that the government realizes how passionate the esports industry is. The campaign called "United by Esports" is a necessary movement to disprove the views of the DOSB and the government.