5Aces eSport with new CSGO lineup


On this day, we have to announce that 5Aces eSport have parted ways with its Counter Strike: Global Offensive team in the middle of the seasons of VAL Counter Strike Season 2 and ESEA Main Division of Season 28. Our management was informed by the captain of the team, about an offer they received from another organization. 5Aces eSport is an organization which certainly wants to improve and we know that players want to do so as well. Therefore, the management decided not to prevent the team from exploring new offers, which could improve their careers. We would like to thank the players for their honesty, dedication, and effort that led to all the good results 5Aces eSport made throughout the season so far. Furthermore, we wish them all the best playing for their new organization and the best possible success, unless they play against our team. wink*

In the meantime, 5Aces eSport received an inquiry from a very talented team with four players from Sweden and one player based in the motherland of football, the United Kingdom. Getting together and discussing our visions and goals, the management and players, realized pretty swiftly that our expectations are the same. 5Aces’s management was very impressed by the players will to improve and the fact that they are looking forward to sticking together as a team. We believe this is the key for sustainability and constitutes the basis for improvement and mutual trust. From now on the team of 5Aces eSport is:

Jamie 'Jba' Fitzpatrick (UK)
Joel 'lantis' Landstrom (SWE)
Hampus 'fejden' Lindqvist (SWE)
Joakim 'Teebowl' Mars (SWE)
Marcel 'mauw1' Housni (SWE)

With our young talent, we are building a team for the future. We are looking forward to attending many tournaments in addition to playing in leagues to improve together in all aspects. Thanks to Jamie 'Jba' Fitzpatrick for the pleasant conversation our management and he had discussing everything around the possibility of working together.