5Aces eSport remain in ESEA Main


Our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team started with high expectations into the 28th season of the ESEA Main Division. Though starting pretty good with numerous wins into the season, we had to replace the entire linup due to the circumstances you all probably are aware of. After picking up the new, talented and also very young team, we went through several ups and downs still managing to keep the ESEA Main Division spot for season 29. During the season and the player break, the action didn't stay still which means that the team signed up to a decent amount of qualifiers to practice in a competitive envoirment. Facing teams like 'complexity' helped our team to evolve and take the next step to become better. However, our goal for season 29 is to promote to ESEA's Advance Division, after we missed to qualifiy for the division through the preseason qualification cups.

Our minimum target is to maintain the spot in the ESEA Main Division for season 30. In season 29 ESEA will distribute an amount in total of 160.000 USD, which means that the distributed amount for the Main Division will remain at approximately 8.000 USD. We are looking forward to the season which starts on 17th of September. ESEA had to push back the deadline due to some players were unable to register themselves successfully, or their team due to an error that was shown at the final stage of the checkout process.