5Aces eSport sign CS:GO Academy Team

Nowadays, academy teams are important for the future existence of electronic sport, as well as the organization's development. Running an academy team ensures sustainability and providing young talents to play in a professional enviroment. But not only that is important in order to sign an academy team. Being able to promote players from the academy team to the main team guarantees safety to keep one of the most important fields in an organization running, which is the representation and the external apearance, a team that fights continously for the maximum, for titles, prestige and recognition.

From now on 5Aces eSport joins the field with an Academy team, which consists of players around the world. This means that it is an international team represented by two players from Lebanon, and each one player from Denmark, Czech Republic and Sweden. The 5Aces eSport Academy Team is:

Kevin "KEV" Milacic
Hsein "EmPeRa" Chehab
Abdo "senpaiii" Parat
Michael "mikigoalie" B
Cyprian "Kowieski" Kowieski

Hsein "EmPeRa" Chehab, Abdo "senpaiii" Parat are well known in the scene due to their achievements in Faceit's Pro League Series, where they currently are playing the the C-Division. This promising mixed team will fight for their recognition in the main division of the CEVO GFinity Winter Season 2018 and in the intermediate division in ESEA (Esport Entertainment).