5Aces eSport sign Estonians


Our sum-up article about the achievements our previous team completed was released while ago. Inside was stated that the most recently aquired 5Aces eSport mixed lineup was being discharged due to they disband in order to find new teams. The communication in English was a too distracting barrier so the French side decided to find a French speaking lineup. The most recently acquired title goes to another, fresh team lineup. 5Aces eSport are getting back into action. Once again, at its finest.

The management of 5Aces eSport took on a search for new members right after the previous roster was disbanded. Unfortunately, finding skilled players with at least a small piece of well laid out history is not an easy task in this big eSport industry. Though, thanks to the thorough work that 5Aces eSport management does - these new members are already on standby to pin more history into their books.

After reviewing many talents, 5Aces eSport is proud and ready to present the new full Estonian line-up:

Hannes '13NZ' Stalde
Georg 'Feeldtzz' Kazakov
Markus Jan 'Sickta' Martinonis
Kristjan 'v1le' Sillaots
Martin 'SamVan' Avamere

Siim 'nocturnal' Karo (coach/analyst)

Soon, this new team will be taking on new challenges in ESEA and CEVO and rising bars under the supervision of Siim 'nocturnal' Karo, the 5Aces eSport CS:GO team manager.

There is another announcement 5Aces eSport would like to address. 5Aces eSport goes Academy! A decision had been made that it is time to expand the capabilities of casting new members. From now on, whenever the lineup changes, the Academy will be put to work.

The 5Aces eSport Academy lineup:

Dennis 'SpLiT' Sturges
Marcel 'imaqtbrot' Bauer
Marius 'wAiiiiit' Hammerschmidt
Tim 'er1x' Schielke
Marcel 'aNixX' Dressler

Moreover, the management is working hard behind the scenes to acquiere Dota 2 and League of Legends teams, to expand our activities and our impact in the big world of our sport we do love - electronic Sports. Stay tuned for more!