5Aces eSport signs new CS:GO Team


Three weeks ago, 5Aces eSport has made a decision to release the CS:GO lineup from duty. Due to the lack of dedication in training, and lowered performance lately, the team lineup is no longer dependable to play in the coming events. Therefore, the team decided not to participate in any officials anymore, which was agreed by the 5Aces eSport management.

The team started to throttle when two members; Andreas "cHeLios" Moder and Amel "krowN" Zuhric, decided to leave the team under the pressure of personal reasons, which was sadly unavoidable. The improper fashion they left in has weakened the team in a major way. The encouragement of the remaining members has been damaged, and the 5Aces eSport CS:GO team was not able to keep up. The team has held up through the ESEA Main for as long as half of the season, which was a great achievement for the organization. Although, even this success, managed not to increase the motivation of the remaining members.

With <a href="">CEVO</a> Main Division Season 11 already under way, 5Aces eSport has acquired a new team, and set a new lineup for improved future performance and team training. Meanwhile, the ESEA team was handed over to its respective owner, ended up on giving the ESEA Main Division spot to another team that was build by two interested and former 'Playcasters' players.

The entirety of the 5Aces eSport team want to thank the, now former, team for their dedication over the past seven months. Although 5Aces eSport would like to continue cooperating with this lineup at least until the end of the season, unfortunately, there were no other possibilities as to agree to the player's wish due to the lack of an adequate attitude.

After these quite damaging news, let us begin with the happy end. 5Aces eSport was actively searching for a new team behind the scenes, and the management was able to sign a new roster, which is as follows:

Donovan "<a href="">zNf</a>" Froid
Alexis "<a href="">alex_</a>" Fasquelle
Ennana "<a href="">hyyNANA</a>" Abdel
Christophe "<a href="">Ezekiel</a>" Gusella
Adlane "<a href="">Adlane</a>" Mokrani

Siim "n0cturnal" Karo (Coach/Team Manager)

As you may have noticed, 5Aces eSport will still have the same coach as with the previous lineup. The reason for this is that Siim "n0cturnal" Karo did a great job for the former Austrian roster. Therefore, we welcome the decision of Siim "n0cturnal" Karo to extend our cooperation very much. 5Aces eSport is looking forward to a long and great collaboration with the new CS:GO Team! In addition, the 5Aces eSport CS:GO team is currently participating in the ESEA Intermediate Season playoffs. With a little more time, the team has tremendous chances to promote into the Premier Division for next season.