5Aces eSport UG


5Aces eSport now 5Aces eSport UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) - From this day onwards, 5Aces eSport is officially a company. Known fully as 5Aces eSport UG and operating by the German laws, we are now able to push even further. We have registered our beloved name to become something bigger a while back. Now, we have finally completed all the procedures and paperwork, and preparing for more actions to come soon.


Statement by 5Aces eSport UG CEO Eduard Kreiter;

First things first: After many thoughts and consulting our lawyer's office in charge of 5Aces eSport, we reached the common agreement; to form a company led by German laws with the legal form called written-out "Unternehmensgesellschaft (haftungsbeschreankt)". In a basic sense, the counterpart of the legal form is called "Limited - Ltd" in, for example, the United Kingdom. The entire team at 5Aces eSport is proud of what 5Aces eSport achieved since its inception at the end of 2014. Looking back, 5Aces eSport was founded as an organization just for fun, led by passion towards the sport we all do love - the Electronic Sports! After small and minute succesful steps, the thoughts and intention changed to take it slightly more seriously. Thus, the idea of building 5Aces eSport as an official organization came to life. The logical consequence of creating a business company is establishing the legal form. And this is what we did. From now on, 5Aces eSport UG will operate as a company to be able to set new standards and expand according to the management's definite ideas.


Although this might be a big change, some of you might wonder what happens now? We can safely and surely say that the team itself or the events will stay as they are. We are still the same personnel. We are still doing the same activities. We will go on as usual. Streaming, competing, casting and sharing the news with everyone. The schedule is unlikely to change much, unless it is more content!

With this special occasion, we would like celebrate with you by announcing a giveaway! Good luck to everyone who enters, and may the best win!