5Aces eSport Win Sideline Gaming Cup

5Aces eSport was invited to the second Sideline Gaming Cup which took place on March, 26th 2016 in order to compete against different teams in two groups where the first and second place of each group advance to the semi-final. Together, with other teams like “Stofftiere Online e.V.”, “PENTA Sports T. eNrage” and “EnRo GRIFFINS”, we battled for the crown. Sadly, Tilo ‘S/O/L’ Kuiper wasn’t able to play due to private issues. Thus, Alexander ‘xeCo’ Durst stepped in as a stand-in.

Group Stage: The groups stage was not that easy despite the first win against the organizers team “Sideline Gaming”, and the second win against “Playing Ducks Amateur” where we played a strong first half, leading the match with 15-0 on the T-side and needed one more round on our CT-side to close it out. However, we struggled immensely after the Ducks started a great comeback winning 13 rounds in a row. Therefore, our team took a tactical pause to sort some things out and to discuss adjustments. Then, we managed to finish the match 16-13 in our favor. The final match for the first place in our group has to be played against “Shockwave eSports”, since they also managed to win their first two matches. Sadly, we lost the match with a close result, but it hasn’t been a big impact since the team was aware that we have to accept every challenge on our way to the Grand Finale. Accordingly, we advanced to the semi-final facing “Stofftiere Online e.V.” on Cache.

Playoffs: The match in the semi-final against the contender for the title was very exhausting. We had to replace our IGL Robert ‘montrey’ Beyer. His internet was gone and there was no way to bring him back on Teamspeak and the Server. This circumstance forced us to play from the semi-final on with another stand-in, Manuel ‘BAAAM’ Eskridge. Luckily, all stand-ins are well known at 5Aces eSport since both are playing in the second team of our organization. All this led to a very close match, what was also reflected in the result since the match had to go into overtime where we obviously kept our focus and concentration a bit better than our opponents to win the match 21-16. That was a big challenge and it gave the team the self-confidence they probably needed for the upcoming Grand Finale.

Grand Finale: Fortunately, we had to wait until the second semi-final finished. This gave our team the opportunity to get to know each other better and sort some things out regrading tactics and play-style, since they haven’t played together before. The second semi-final finished and we had to face “Shockwave eSports” the team, we lost against in the group stage. Our opponents started to complain before the match has even begun, because one of their players was affected by “packet-loss” on the server, even though everything was fine for his team-mates and our team wasn’t affected by connection issues. After several minutes of trying to fix the issue, the match finally started at 1am.

This was the start of a phenomenal Grand Finale and an effort by a team, that played over their top. Everything was subordinated to ensure the success. The first match took place on Inferno, obviously a map everyone knows and all players were aware about what they have to do. We managed to win the first map 16-11. The second map was Dust2, which is maybe the most played map in Counter Strike’s history. This was the beginning of something special. We lost the knife-round which gives the opportunity to choose the side a team wants to start. However, we started on the T-side. Our T-side was played brilliant and our opponents couldn’t win more than 3 rounds on their CT-side (result 12-3). After the change of ends we started pretty unlucky on our CT-side by losing the pistol round in a two on one situation. That was the chance for our opponents to catch up since they won the pistol round and we lost the anti-eco in a four on two situation. However, our first buy-round wasn’t successful and we had to eco one more time. The second buy-round meant the first round win on our CT-side and we didn’t lose any round since then to close it out by winning the Grand Finale after two maps 2-0! This Cup is something special for our entire organization since it is the first competitive Cup 5Aces eSports won. It was also an excellent leisure option for our team(s) compared to the league system we compete in.

We all at 5Aces eSport want to thank Sideline-Gaming for organizing this beautiful event. We will come back as defending champions in the upcoming Cup. See you soon!