5Aces at GSH Winter 2015

Events CSGO

5Aces joined the Gamesession Hannover 2015 Winter with a random team. Two members of 5Aces, one former member and two standins plus the management took the chance to get to know each other and discuss the future of the roster. The team managed to win their first two group matches before the streak was stopped by server issues due to a Valve update that was released hours before. Several players had completed the update, but the servers of the Gamesession Hannover were not updated. Therefore, the team had to play the last group match early in the morning instead of sleeping in to recover from a day of traveling and playing Counter Strike Global Offensive until late in the night.

The second day begun unlucky with a defeat so that we lost the first place of the group and had to face in the quarter finals a strong team. In the quarter finals match the team struggled. The server crash and the reset of the bank of each player was not helpful either. However, it was still a great opportunity to get to know each other. The future of 5Aces has not been decided even though we all are confident that we will put in place a new team that is ready to conquer the leagues we play in.