Aiming at ESEA Premier


Today, the news are going to be all about the 5Aces eSport Counter Strike Global Offensive team, and moreover the upcoming seasons of ESEA League Season 25, CEVO Season 13 and ESL Open Summer 2017. Last season, 5Aces eSport played at both leagues, ESEA Main Division Season 24 and CEVO Main Division Season 12. The team has suffered losses, but on the brighter side some successful victories pushed us forward and determined to play further as well as participate in the next seasons to come.

The team and the management decided unanimously that CEVO should be pushed aside for the time being, therefore the team will not be participating in the coming season. The reasoning for this action is to focus on ESEA Main Division instead, and bring more effort to practice. Leaving CEVO for this season means that we will join the ESL Open Summer 2017. This decision is led by the idea of having two chances to promote to ESEA Premier, which is the most important goal we are aiming at.

So the 5Aces eSport team will be participating at the ESL Open Summer 2017 this year. The regular season of ESL Open Spring 2017 has come to an end and the playoffs are still underway. As for ESEA, the registrations are closing on June 1st.The schedules are going to be announced on June 2nd on the ESEA website. The first matches of the $150,000 prize pool ESEA Season 25 will start on the 4th of June on Nuke.

We welcome the imrpovement of ESEA expanding their League server hardware, so scheduling should be faster from now on. As always, check out these official details by ESEA to get more information on how everything is going to play out. If you want more details on the prize pool and other useful facts, go right here. If you would like to watch the official ESEA TV stream, ESEA got you covered.