Barcelona CS:GO Invitational

Today 5Aces eSport played the Barcelona CS:GO Invitational, that would have lead the team to EXPO Barcelona. With Counter Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends, two of the most famous games that are a part of the tournament, and an overall prize money of $80.000, some online quailifers were organized by the ESPORT Entertainmaint League (ESEA). Before the tournament started we already noticed a big surprise in the second round of the tournament after our team received a def-win in the first round. The big surprise came up by viewing our opponent team called "TA". The team "TA" consisted of players like former fnatic members Markus 'pronax' Wallsten, Jonathan 'Devilwalk' Lundberg, Andreas 'schneider' Lindberg further Mathias 'pauf' Köhler and Simon 'twist' Eliasson.

Our team was confident but they realized after the first half with a 10.5 lead by "TA" that the opponent team was in good shape to win and there was little chance to defeat them. This time we had to draw the short straw it was a clear win by "TA". For now, we are looking forward to the start of the new season on January 24th, 2016.