Big News from EPICENTER Moscow


The past few days were intense, to say the least. Since the 17th October, the CS:GO EPICENTER event in Moscow has been giving many people, many topics to talk about. With a quick two day break, it has ended yesterday the 23rd. The total prize pool for this meet was $ 500.000, until it was split between eight teams. Let 5Aces eSport News explain to you what has been going on, briefly.

The grand final of this EPICENTER event has been defined by the work of two teams; Team Dignitas and Virtus.Pro. The semi-finals were indeed something to behold. <a href="">VP has taken SK Gaming</a> too lightly at first, giving SK Gaming a chance to stomp VP on the first map, Train. This was... out of order in a way. VP are usually the ones taking Train wins, but this time something must have changed drastically, so they lost 16:1. VP has managed to patch up their errors and take their win on the next two maps; Nuke 16:13 and Cobblestone 16:4. Although SK Gaming had a good fighting chance, they didn't have enough luck to get through VP.

The second match of these semi-finals, <a href="">Team Dignitas vs Na'Vi</a>. This was a close one. Yet again, three maps played in total; Cobblestone, Overpass, Nuke. You could say that Team Dignitas had a bit of a hiccup, which lead them to win 2-1, instead of 2-0. They took their first victory on Cobblestone, catching a 16:9 score which took them to Overpass. This is where this potential hiccup took place, a close one of 16:13 where Na'Vi could take what was theirs. After this, it was yet again up the charts for Team Dignitas, as they took another win of 16:12 on Nuke. Team Dignitas pulled it off, breaking Na'Vi and continuing into the grand final.

The grand final was very much grand and final. <a href="">VP and Team Dignitas</a> were battling over the first place in this league and a shiny sum of paper money. $ 250.000 for the first place to be specific. After a good first brawl, VP triumphed over Team Dignitas 16:11 on Nuke. Beaten up by this fact, Team Dignitas decided to get up, and VP didn't stand a chance from that point onwards. They managed to secure two victories in a row on Cobblestone and Mirage against VP, both rounds 16:5. Team Dignitas won the grand final 2-1, grabbing their money and proudness on the way out.

<center>FUN FACT <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">The past six big tournaments all had different winners:<br><br>ECS - G2<br>Cologne - SK<br>EL - VP<br>StarSeries - NiP<br>ESL NY - Na`Vi<br>EPICENTER - dignitas</p>&mdash; Milan Švejda (@StrikerHLTVorg) <a href="">October 23, 2016</a></blockquote>
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