A botched job


The ESEA Season 34 ended some time ago, as did the Winners League Season 4 and Telialigaen. The seasons brought some happy moments, but there were also some dark sides, which we did not expect at the beginning.

Telialigaen and the success with new team:
In the Telialigaen we made the promotion to the 2nd Division. With an outstanding performance of the team we could secure the first place in the 3rd Division B with 22 points in front of "22 Gaming", which sealed the move up to the higher division. This success was the ray of hope in the past three months full of ups and downs. We are looking forward to the 2nd division, which starts on September 1, 2020 and we will be sitting in front of the streams again, eagerly cheering for our team.

Winners League season 4:
We had a lot planned for the fourth edition of the Winners League, but failed in the first four games due to some inconsistencies and often had to rely on stand-ins. Due to the lack of structure and the bad results, trust, lack of self-confidence and faith has left the team. Fortunately we were able to win the last three games and thus secured a place in the division for the next season of the Winners League, which will presumably start in October.

ESEA Open and the disaster:
Full of anticipation and with high expectations we started into the ESEA Open of the 34th season. With a confident performance and a few victories at the beginning of the season we could secure a place in the upper table. Basically our performances were not bad, but we often missed to convert a lead into a victory. So we lost many of the 16 matches due to carelessness and ultimately lack of self-confidence and motivation. Some friction within the team also contributed to the desolate result. We finished the season 8-8 and missed the playoffs very clearly. But after a few changes within the team, we are now looking forward in a positive way to the ESEA season 35. The target must be the promotion to a higher division, because the Open is unworthy for an organization like 5Aces eSport and the potential the team has.

Changes to the lineup:
Due to changes in private matters of some of our players we have also made changes to the lineup for the coming months. Our former IGL Tobias "echo" Rusvik has hung up his mouse for now to continue his studies, which leaves him no time for competitive conditions. Also Leon Tongfai "Leon" Lam has dropped out due to his studies, but will be available to us as a stand-in if necessary and if it is convenient for him, should we need a replacement during the next season. Iver "Buschelisous" Fryberg Busch, admittedly the most notable player by his name, was already replaced by Sander "REAPER" Aadal during the season.

The lineup therefore consists of the following 5Aces:
Sander "REAPER" Aadal (IGL)
Marius "Mario" Sivertsen (Rifle)
Sander "Spredd" Hjortland (AWP)
Andreas "hyvz" Brenn (Rifle)
Martin "LogiC" Bergøy (Rifle)

Leon Tongfai "Leon" Lam (stand-in)
Iver "Buschelisous" Fryberg Busch (stand-in)

Tobias "echo" Rusvik (benched)