CEVO & ESEA Before and After


Today, 5Aces eSport has a large sum up for everyone out there. This sum up will range from the discharge of our Austrian roster, right up until now.

A few months back, the 5Aces eSport's CS:GO team lineup was completely different than it was a couple of weeks ago. The 5Aces were all from Austria, packing strong and promising will to take on any opposing teams ahead. With a streak of successes and failures, the team was progressively slowing down their advance in tournaments. With time, the team started drowning due to personal problems of Andreas ‘cHeLios’ Moder and Amel ‘krowN’ Zuhric, low efficiency and effectiveness of the whole team, and a lack of training for all. Unfortunately, the entirety of these reasons weakened the team in a major way, not just specific members. None of the members could get back into the game properly. In the end, they had to disband, parting ways with 5Aces eSport. Yet again, 5Aces eSport thanks all of these preceding members for playing and providing a decent boost on a great journey.

Moving onto the next chapter that happened throughout the past three months, 5Aces eSport management was able to clear and sign a new roster to participate in the ESEA Season 23 and CEVO Season 11 CS:GO leagues. Although this time the line up was a bit of a national mix where previously it was only one nationality, the team still could communicate even better than the previous line up did before and towards end of their service. They took a little more of a professional approach. Thus, concentrating a lot more on the current objectives, as well as focus more during training. The line up was as follows:

Donovan ‘zNf’ Froid
Alexis ‘alex_’ Fasquelle
Ennana ‘hyyNANA’ Abdel
Christophe ‘Ezekiel’ Gusella
Adlane ‘Adlane’ Mokrani

After all the formalities have been filled, the new 5Aces eSport CS:GO team was ready to take on new challenges and achievements. Starting off with ESEA Season 23. The team was able to get right up to the Grand Final of the ESEA Intermediate Season 23 Playoffs, which was quite an achievement and a step up for our organization. Unfortunately the new team lost the Grand Final match. Moving to CEVO Season 11, the team was also able to pull off some new stunts. Managing to take on many teams in the matchups. Yet again though, the team started to struggle more towards the end of the season. Both tournaments had ended two days apart, and the reason for the team falling short in the end was due to similar bases as the previous roster; personal reasons and slight efficiency decline that came after. The major problem though, were the communication issues since three French, one Belgian and one player from America had to communicate only in English. Despite the communication problems, the new members still managed to destroy their opponents.

After a few months in great service, the team, management and players mutually decided not to extend the contracts due to the team disband. Once more, this was sadly a damaging and a very regrettable decision for 5Aces eSport, just like with the previous roster. The team has carried out a whole lot of achievements and played against many strong teams. Against most of which our skilled team won with. Alexis ‘alex_’ Fasquelle and Adlane ‘Adlane’ Mokrani decided to search for a French team, and Ennana ‘hyyNANA’ Abdel went looking as well. Whereas, Christophe ‘Ezekiel’ Gusella has found a new job and could not give into playing CS:GO like before, and Donovan ‘zNf’ Froid had travel plans that he did not want to miss. Therefore, the 5Aces eSport management and staff would like to throw massive thanks for playing, and for their great and hard fought accomplishments during this short time. Also, wish them good luck on their coming endeavours! Your help will definitely give 5Aces eSport a great chance to proceed further, faster.

Right now, 5Aces eSports management is working hard to find new players for the CS:GO team. Whenever a team will be compiled, you will know about it. So stay tuned for more news in the coming future!