Crucial Phase of the Season

As the time goes on, we are climbing up the ladders to become better and better. Well, today we have some news about the upcoming events, we will be participating in.

Electronic Sports League (ESL): We have already moved up slightly in the ESL Open League Playoffs Europe bracket, due to not having any opponents attending the set in round one. Not having any opponents means more time for preparation for round two, and waiting for the future face­offs. A lot of teams qualified for this event. There will be many walls to break, and we definitely need to be ready to do that.

Esports Championship Series (ECS): Although, while we wait for ESL side of the moon, we are not only participating there. Tomorrow, we will be battling at the Esport Championship Series Season 2 Open Qualifiers bracket, which is all organised by FaceIT. This event will be starting exactly at 2:00 PM CET, and it is only the first chance to qualify for ECS. There will be three more strikes for the teams that do not qualify during this first one.

Esport Entertainment (ESEA): On the 8th of August, just in three days, we will be facing 'mCon' at the ESEA Intermediate Playoffs Season 22. There will be four rounds in total, this one being round one (round of 16) of the Playoffs. The match will be taking place on Monday at 9:00 PM CET. If our team wins this one, we will be preparing to take on either 'pantsu garu', or 'nVa' in the quarter finals.

Intermediate Division, Prize Pot: $6,000

  • 1st place: $1,800
  • 2nd place: $1,200
  • 3rd place: $900
  • 4th place: $900
  • 5th place: $300
  • 6th place: $300
  • 7th place: $300
  • 8th place: $300

CEVO: Our CS:GO roster will be having a busy month, especially that we are not yet done announcing! Next up, we will be also taking part in the CEVO Intermediate Season 10 Playoffs. They will be releasing more information on the bracket on Friday, 5th August 2016, so stay tuned and check them out! CEVO is just not done yet, since we also will be participating in their August Altercation Cup offering a prize pool in total of $2,250, and there are already 279 teams giving this a go. This bracket stage will be happening between the 13th August and 14th August.

This is indeed a whole lot of matches, and a lot to take in. Our CS:GO team are on their heels, preparing for all of these upcoming events, as well as many that follow. We hope that all will go our way, the right way, and that we will have something to be proud of.

If you also want to check out our stream, we will be on the case 24/7, streaming our matches right there.