CS:GO Team With Major Changes


Sometimes things come to an end. The end of the E-Sport Entertainment (ESEA) and Electronic Sports  League (ESL) seasons gave us the possibility to sum up what 5Aces eSport achieved in the past months of Season 21 with our main team in Counter Strike Global Offensive, centered around in-game leader (IGL) Robert ‘montrey’ Beyer.

Following a slump in the ESEA Season 21 where we finished with a poor record  (4-12), 5Aces eSport managed to win the Sideline Gaming Cup 2 with a mixed lineup due to certain circumstances. The ESL Major Ladder where we had the opportunity to qualify for the German National Championship (ESL Meisterschaft) ended with a decent record of 14-9. However, we still did not rank in the top eight and mostly underperformed.

All these circumstances led to the decision of Max ‘Valar’ Felger to leave the roster due to communication difficulties and motivation issues. Then, Tilo ‘S/O/L’ Kuiper also droped from the roster. Thus, Sjoerd ‘Cupra’ Cromenacker and Merlin ‘zauberer’ Jäger were left behind and we started building a new team.

After trying to form a new team and playing with several players on a trial basis Sjoerd ‘Cupra’ Cromenacker decided to take a break due to lack of motivation, personal reasons and the change around the ESEA League system that took place according to the announcement on April 28th 2016. The changes meant that the team of ‘Cupra’ relegated from the Main Division to the Intermediate Division.

However, the management and Sjoerd ‘Cupra’ Cromenacker decided to hand over the spot of the Intermediate Division to the new team at 5Aces eSport in Counter Strike Global Offensive. We wish Robert 'montrey' Beyer and all other former members all the best of luck, and we would like to thank them for all the time and dedication they have invested in this project.

5Aces eSport’s roster is now:

Andreas 'cHeLios' Moder
Daniel ‘kaizr’ Hafner
Jesse 'T0X' Streibl
Marcel ' Delayer' Löhsl
Rene ' m00n' Mareda