CS:GO World Championships 2016

Ah, the Counter Strike Global Offensive World Championships… What a great event this is.

So far, the South American qualifier has already started, and is now not far off from ending. It is about the right time for details of another qualifier, and so, here they are.

USA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic will be sharing the same group, A. While Canada, Guatemala and El Salvador are posting in group B. They are all now preparing for this North American qualifier, in which they will fight to secure an entrance to the TWC. This qualifier, is happening very soon.

We are less than a couple of months away from TWC 2016, which will start September 5th, and will be ending September 9th. For some this might be a long time. The NA qualifier on the other hand, will be happening between 25th and 27th of July. Not far off at all. Actually, it’s closer than right around the corner.

All the schedules and a ton more information can be found right here at HLTV.