Dannyboy goes Dirt Rally Championship


As many of you may know, Dirt Rally is a rally racing simulator. Dirt Rally is a very similar game to the good old Colin McRae game series. The simple difference is that Dirt makes the game feel like a real simulator. Whereas older, and most new games of the same genre are not as advanced.

There are many tournaments held across the Dirt Rally community. Whether it’s a global event or local. In fact, the community made it happen. Since the game launched the number of players has been increasing swiftly. Enough to go from casual to competitive on its own.

Now, what does this have to do with 5Aces eSport? Well, there is a whole separate 5Aces eSport driver team. A while back, 5Aces eSport news presented an interview with Aleksandr ‘USSRXALEXER’ Agramakov, the leader and manager of 5Aces eSport driver’s team. This time, Daniel ‘Dannyboy’ Ort, will participate in on of these Dirt Rally tournaments. This tournament’s first event started a while back on January 13th and finished on January 26th. This scheduled event was set on ‘Rally de Col du Turini’ - Monaco track. On the 27th the tournament has moved onto the ‘Rockchip Rally’ track on mixed gravel and is bound to finish on February 9th.

Daniel ‘Dannyboy’ Ort will start his journey on February 10th on the Swedish ‘Varmland Rally’ track. From there on out, he will be taking on every single track until the tournament ends on May 4th. Wish him best of luck, and keep following the progress

For more information about the schedule and the event, check out this forum post.

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