DM 1 Pro S Review


Dream Machines is becoming evermore a famous brand in the gaming and esport industry. Dream Machines's "DM1 Pro S" Gaming Mouse was inspired by the classic lines and a simple construction which many competitive esports professionals favor. Useless buttons have been dismissed and complicated functions not considered. This way the mouse does not distract from the essential functions that a gamer needs to stay focused on in-game.

5Aces eSport players rigorously tested this Dream Machine mouse model over months to make sure it can stand up to even the most intense gaming situations. We use the matte version to improve durability and grip of the mouse. Even after months of usage, the mouse stands its quality. There is, of course, also a glossy version available. Mouse buttons are still working like on day one and the sensor from Pixart is definitely executing its purposes perfectly. While the competitors' mouse devices had high irregularities in terms of the polling rate, the DM 1 Pro S delivers continously 1000 Hz which was tested with differnt tools during gameplay. Furthermore, it supports all DPI modes a gamer needs using a simple and easy switch button on the top part of the mouse. The players also favour the Omron switches due to their button trigger stability and perfection. Another advantage of this model is the silent and precise scroll wheel as well as scroll button. Some gamer use their scroll wheel buttons as a 'Jump' instead of the standard 'Space' key on the keyboard. Unfortunately, the scroll buttons of other manufacturers usually caused 'click' noises as well as stability and control problems, and applying the scroll for bunny-hops was a massive crusher. 

DM 1 Pro S is definitely designed for comfort and durability, as well as simple yet practical use. The light weight of only 85 grams helps to improve comfortability, and despite being a light-weight device, it still shows stability and responsiveness. Despite the high quality sleeved cables, available in black and red, we always recommend to use a mouse-bungee. Bungees always ensures maximum stability, protection from frazzle and removes the feeling of dragging a cable around with your mouse.

The DM logo and wheel backlight utilizes different colors depending on the selected DPI. The DM1 Pro S comes with the standard settings as follows (changeable with the DM1 Pro S software): 400 - Red, 800 - Blue, 1600 - Green, 2400 - Purple, 4800 - Orange, 12000 - Lime Green. The software for the DM1 Pro S, which allows the user to modify the DPI, colors, acceleration, polling rate etc., can save up to four DPI settings per profile, while four game profiles are configurable. A total of three large mouse skates have been placed on the bottom of the mouse. One at the top part above the contact-area and one on each side near the bottom part, below the contact-area. One set of mouse skates for replacement is always included to the scope of delivery.

Though, the DM 1 Pro S has identical sides to ensure the left-handed suitability, we have to point out that the two standard side-buttons have only been implemented on the left side of the mouse.

◦ Maximum Speed: 7.0 M/s
◦ Polling Rate: 125/250/500/1000 Hz
◦ Control: 6 buttons + Scroll
◦ Sensor: Optical PMW3360
◦ USB: Gold plated
◦ DPI: 400-12000
◦ LOD (Lift-Of-Distance): ~1.8-2.0 mm
◦ Left Switch: Omron 20.000.000 clicks
◦ Right Switch: Omron 20.000.000 clicks
◦ Middle Switch: Omron 20.000.000 clicks
◦ Size: 126 x 68 x 39 mm
◦ Weight: 85 g (without cable)
◦ Cable: Type Braided cable (1.8 m long)
◦ Backlight: DM Logo and scroll wheel
◦ Surfaces: Matte rubber or Glossy
◦ Scope of supply: Mouse, Instructions, Additional skates
◦ DM1 Pro S Software

As mentioned, after months of testing, 5Aces eSport and its players recommend Dream Machines mouse devices not just because of our existing partnership. We recommend the peripherial because of its high quality and perfect ergonomics.