Dota 2 The International 6 Championships

Looking away from the CS:GO news today. With some interesting information from the Dota 2 community. As most of you probably know already, The International 6 (TI6) is happening very soon.

Just like every year, the prize pool is collected long before, and a short while after the start of The International 6 Championships. The biggest surprise, though, is how much the prize pool actually holds. It is all collected by the community, and this year, they have went overboard. Collecting an extreme amount of money for the participants. So far, at the time we write this, $20,000 short of $19,500,000.

This only means that the victorious team will score a big win for themselves, soon coming up to $8,600,000. We also can’t forget, 1st place is not the only winner here. The prize is split properly between 1st and 16th place. Although, 16th place is the last place sharing the loot. They will still be receiving a very high amount of just over $97,000.

The community went crazy this year, and it will only get better in the next few days, and also next year. Stay tuned for The International 6. It is right in front of us now, just a few days left until the plays start. The group stage will be setting off 3rd and finishing 5th August, while the main event will be taking place just a couple days later, between 8th and 13th.

The wildcards are still going right now, and will be finishing soon. Everything is and will be available on the official stream. You can also check out the main page for this year’s International, where all the information you need is available. Furthermore, if you are interested in buying this year’s official Battle Pass for Dota 2, have a look right here.