DreamHack Bucharest 2016

The DreamHack 2016 Bucharest has just ended a while back. As we brought you news on this event before it has started, we are also here to deliver you a whole package of info on how it went and ended.

As we all know, Virtus.Pro are in a really good form lately. We have talked about their victories here at 5Aces a lot in the past few months. Their streak has been broken at the ESL i-League where they didn’t even get out of group stage, but now they have come back with their legendary, golden performance. It seems they are back in the game after a small accident! DreamHack 2016 has been a pleasure to watch, and now that the DreamHack finals are a history, VP is probably very content with their own triumph.

They must also be pretty happy with the loot they have taken away with them. $50,000 doesn’t budge easy. They did a lot of work for it, just as they do every tournament, and just like every victorious team - they deserved it. Although, let us take a look at their final match with Cloud9. These two maps, Train and Cobblestone, have been through hell with VP and C9 fighting over the grand prize. They should get some manicure done guys, come on Valve.

Going away from bad jokes, VP really did pull off somewhat of a masterpiece this time around. On both maps, they have reached the same score against C9 - 16:9. This led them to 2-0 overall map score. C9 tried and nearly taken VP’s throne, but as always, VP stood their ground.

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