DreamHack Open Season 2 Bucharest


Here is another tournament. The official DreamHack schedule and participating team group lists have been released by the organisers just a few hours back. We are here to deliver... as usual!

This is going to be a whole weekend park walk with a series of very loud shootouts. Two groups - A and B, 4 teams each. Add in a few explosions and firefights to the mix and we come up with some match results. These results will be all available by the 18th September when this season ends. The opening will take place two days earlier on the 16th September, the action will take off right then, when the final touches are added.

The first day of the event, being 16th September, will conclude with 6 BO1 matches. These will take us to the second day, 17th September, where the remaining teams will fight it out in 4 BO3 matches. The last day, 18th September, will give us a few moments to breathe, just before the finals kick off the same day, and decide about the $100k prize.

For more details on the event, check out this article by HLTV!