ELEAGUE and Friends

In the last couple of days, things and stuff have happened... a lot of things and stuff. Here we look at a continuation from ELEAGUE, where the semi-finals have been roasting up with battle fire to prepare for all the upcoming skirmishes. For now, let’s see what has been happening with Na’Vi and fnatic, as HLTV unfolds the whole story before us in detail. There is much to say about this topic, especially since both team have had their ups and downs recently.

Looking back at The World Championships 2016, revealed news a couple of days ago. We have seen two groups, both consisting of three teams each, preparing to fight for a pass to the next stage of TWC. Group A’s victorious team was the fan favourite, USA. Long story short, same thing happened on the side of Group B, with Canada taking the high place. Next up was, what you could call… the boss battle. The fight between USA and Canada has been anticipated. USA had come with a solid performance, defeating Canada 3-0 on 3 out of 5 maps. USA is now one of the qualified teams for TWC 2016, among these teams are also China, Australia and Argentina.

In other news. Valve has come to an understanding with Perfect World to have CS:GO distributed in China. Despite there already being platforms like 5E in China, none of the players were able to play on, high performance, official Valve servers until this point. A few esport teams have already started their CS:GO training, awaiting this endeavour to come to life.

In a side snippet. ESL has delivered an official aftermovie for the ESL One Cologne 2016. Featuring epic scenes throughout the whole event, in-game, and out. Want to remind yourself of the event? Want to see the whole thing, in a legendary and yet very short movie? Check it out, right here!