ELEAGUE to host next Major


Here we are with more news about CS:GO events! Probably many of you already know that the Major will be happening soon as it didn’t take place in 2016 yet. It is still a few months away as Valve has previously confirmed. and will not be hosted during 2016. Although, there is one thing that I can confirm - that the Fox Theatre in Atlanta will be seeing a whole ton of action and mayhem during late January of 2017. The games will start 22nd January, and end 29th January, totalling up to a whole week. More on this further down!

So, ELEAGUE… they’ve hosted a great event just a couple of months ago, and have been busy since their Season 2. This was indeed a good run, and now they are back! It is now official that ELEAGUE will host and organise the next CS:GO Major event. This is not a small task… since the prize pool is all the way up and hitting the $1,000,000 bell. Let us take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of this next Major before it has a chance to begin.

Prize Pool:
As we have stated already, the prize pool will be hitting the $1m mark, which is a big pro to throw into this list.
Tickets: Although this might be a small pro, the tickets are already being sold for this event.

Seats Available: Yes, the tickets may be selling already, but the seats are very limited since the venue can hold just less than 5,000 people. This is one of the lowest amounts presented for past two years.

The event at Fox Theater will be open for public between the 27th and 29th. Although, all of this will be streamed on TBS and Twitch right here! As usual, HLTV has provided a detailed report on this event, check it out to get more information, especially about the teams!