ELEAGUE Quarter Finals

As the ELEAGUE Season 1 quarter­finals have started, fnatic are already in the lead. Being the first team to win a match in the quarter­finals 2­-0, against EnVyUs. They have secured themselves a safe spot in the semi­finals. Fnatic are now preparing for their next matches, while fans are anticipating the next stage of this EL season. Starting off with a close score of 16:13 for fnatic, on the first map being Cobblestone. Continuing to the next match, taking place at Dust2. Fnatic won again with a 16:7 score. Fnatic is not the only team going for the semi­finals... well, as you would expect, of course. Na’Vi caught up, claiming a slightly more adventurous victory. Winning with a 2-­1 score against Cloud9, in some intense battles. Playing their first match on Overpass, they managed to grab an overtime, 19:15 triumph. Then, teleporting to Dust2, Na’Vi has been defeated by Cloud9 16:9, which has been a punch right in the stomach for them. Not being downed by this fact, Na’Vi secured another win on Cobblestone, with just another very close score of 16:14.

Next up, mousesports vs Astralis. The predictions put mousesports low on the charts, but they have proven everyone wrong with this beautiful execution. Completely owning Astralis 2-­0. They had some great fights on Mirage 16:2, especially in the pistol rounds. Giving Astralis no chance for a comeback. With some close calls, mous also managed to take the second map, Dust2, with a much more clamped score of 16:12. Although mous won both maps without question, astralis pulled off a few amazing plays on Dust2. Starting off aggressively and slowing down every round, which eventually gave mous the opportunity.

Not much could help astralis against Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac, of mousesports, who has been playing absurdly well this season. The crowd went completely crazy a few hours later during this Virtus.pro vs NIP head to head competition. With a ton of wallbangs, 1 v 1’s as well as 1 v 5’s and, how could anyone forget, Neo’s golden performance, VP managed to win against NIP 2-­0. VP picked up some great frags during the first few rounds on Dust2. NIP were able to come back just enough to even it out... until they weren’t. VP won on NIP’s first map, with a clean score of 16:8, no problem. Going forward to VP’s pick, Cobblestone. NIP managed to grab a few rounds during the first half, but even with f0rest’s abilities, it was not enough to stop Virtus.pro from pushing. VP, winning again, 16:9.

Now the quarter­finals have come to a close, awaiting the semi­finals in which we will definitely see some epic plays being utilised. The past few weeks have been intense, not only for the above teams, but for all other participants and fans. During this whole time, we have already seen many teams testing their steel against one another. Check out the full HLTV preview of the season right up to the beginning of the quarter­finals.