ELEAGUE Quarter-finals


As the time goes by, we slowly come closer towards the Grand final of the ELEAGUE Season 2 event. The quarter-finals have begun a few days ago. Well, 5Aces news are here to give you the latest sum up.

ELEAGUE Season 2 has been on for a while now, a long while at that. All the action is happening in Atlanta at the ELEAGUE Studios. As always, every single shot counts, and can change the course of anything. For this sole reason, the teams need to be on a look out at every point of the game, because it is not everyday that the prize pool is as large as $1,100,000. This amount will be split between the leaderboard participants on the 3rd of December, when ELEAGUE Season 2 will finally conclude with a final skirmish.

Up until today, we have seen four matches in the quarter-finals. First of all, SK vs dignitas. They both took the match to its edge, playing through all of the three map; Dust 2, Mirage and Overpass. SK started off victorious with a score of 16:6 on Dust 2, they simply didn’t even give dignitas a chance for retaliation. Better now or never, and so dignitas did take what was theirs on Mirage, getting an even better score of 4:16. Then, in an equal position, both teams went back to square one. With their powers at their best, it was time to brawl! Unfortunately for dignitas, this was not enough to beat SK. Even though dignitas were close to winning on Overpass, SK managed to comeback right at the end, winning them a clutch 16:14 score. SK winning 2-1 in the end.

The second matchup of this quarter-final has also given us some sweet action. Astralis vs NiP. Just like SK and dignitas, they also managed to use all the three maps to finally work out an end score. Cobblestone, Train and Overpass is what it took. NiP had the first win of the match on 16:13 on Cobble. Though, Astralis were not happy, and unleashed their full rage in the next match, not even letting NiP anywhere close to a victory. 16:2 is not a score, it's a stomp, and Astralis stomped NiP without question this time. The last match was a bit more of a challenge for Astralis as NiP regained their strength which helped them hold the offensive for a bit longer. This climb was still lacking, because Astralis just took this Overpass victory for themselves yet again, with a 16:10 score. Astralis, winning 2-1 map score.

Next up, OpTic vs mousesports. OpTic played surely well in this matchup, mous had few options. It started off on Train. OpTic in shape, took a decent score out of it, taking their first triumph of 16:7 without too many problems. Mous, with a few mistakes, did not succeed. Continuing on to Cache, mous pulled themselves together and managed to get a few more rounds than previously, but still lost to OpTic 16:7. No mistakes, OpTic threw mous over with a 2-0 map score.

Last but not least in the quarter-finals, we have FaZe vs, also using up all three maps. Both teams were in good shape for this match, but VP did not have enough training it seems. FaZe did lose the first match 16:4 on Nuke, but just like Astralis and SK, FaZe did not give up their flag. VP may have had the upper hand on Nuke, but FaZe quickly phased out of their distress and got their wanted wins on Overpass 16:10 and Cache 16:14. Taking the map score yet again to 2-1, which seems to be a favourite this time around.

Now, as everyone await the semi-finals, you should check out this detailed HLTV preview article. You can also wait for the semi-finals on the official ELEAGUE twitch channel, as well as stay tuned for more news from 5Aces. Very soon.