ELEAGUE: So, who is the winner?

As we were approaching the ELEAGUE Season 1 Grand Final, just as the end of the Semi Finals, four teams have been preparing to win.

Mouz have been placed, horn to horn, against Virtus.pro. VP was not joking around, though. They stepped over Mouz on Train 16:7 and Cache 16:10, and carried their braun on to the Grand Finals like if this match was just a small obstacle, 2-0. Mouz did have their moments. There was a close call on Cache, where they were bullets away from the sweet victory against VP during the first half. This could have turned the whole match around, going into the third map, but VP has proven again. They are simply unstoppable. No third map for Mouz.

Fnatic and Na’Vi, also shared their triumph in the Semi Finals, ending up in a versus at the Grand Final. Na’Vi has been doing well so far. Unfortunately for them, with a few mistakes, they dropped their victorious torch, which fnatic managed to pick up. Taking two maps, fnatic has completely owned on Cobblestone 16:4, and then grinding the edge of an overtime on Train 16:14. Fnatic has won the Semi Finals, which enabled them to test themselves against Virtus.pro, once more for the CS:GO history books.

Although, as everybody should probably know by now, only one of these teams can make it out of the Grand Final. Both, fnatic and Virtus.pro, have been fighting each other for a couple good years now. This match, everyone has been preparing for. After a rage inducing battle between VP and fnatic, VP has peaked the top. Taking Cobblestone 16:10, and then stomping fnatic on Mirage 16:8. Virtus.pro were really on their feet this time around, they have shown everyone what they can truly do when they are in shape. Scoring 2-0 against fnatic, is no small task at all, and they delivered.

Now, ELEAGUE has come to a close, with VP taking $390,000 and a trophy off the stage.