Ergotech Group partners with 5Aces eSport


Ergotech Europe has become the new head partner of 5Aces eSport! It is a leading manufacturer of innovative, ergonomic LCD arms, monitor mounts and ergonomic workspace solutions. Ergotech Europe is known for exceptional tool-less engineering and high quality product design. The most popular amongst gamers is the Ergotech Freedom Arm™ - an articulating monitor arm that easily mounts to any standard desk or wall.

Ergotech’s product line includes single and dual monitor mount solutions, large multi-screen solutions for up to 30” flat panel monitors, desk sit-stand desk systems and arm combinations, as well as CPU and laptop ergonomic solutions.

We are proud to announce Ergotech Europe’s partnership with 5Aces esport. With this partnership Ergotech Europe engraves a mark into the electronic sports gaming industry. 5Aces eSport is honored to become Ergotech Europe's first partner within the electronic sports industry. Simultaneously, demonstrating how 5Aces eSport is setting the course to become a valuable brand in our beloved industry, brimming with enthusiasts and game-lovers. With the aim to discover and develop young talent, 5Aces eSport is laying down the tracks and rising into a healthy financial structure. We believe Ergotech Europe, in consideration of the type of products they produce and bring to their customers, is set to develop computer hardware standards in the electronic sports industry.

"We are incredibly excited to work with Ergotech Europe", says Eduard Kreiter, CEO of 5Aces eSport. "Ergonomic products are essential for professional electronic sport players and, with Ergotech, we can be sure that our players are playing under the best possible conditions. Both 5Aces eSport and Ergotech Europe have common views regarding development and follow the same ideas in terms of business interests."

 5Aces eSport would like to thank Ergotech Europe for giving us the opportunity to represent their high premium brand. Furthermore, we are thrilled to move on and start the collaboration to be able to ensure unconditional sustainability for all future projects we are going to launch.