ESEA Season 23 Announcement

This is what we have been waiting for. ESEA League Season 23 is up close and personal! As our brave and ready team tear their way through the August Altercation at CEVO, they are also steadying their AK’s to soon fight at this global event, with a massive prize pool of $140k.

ESEA detailed their league’s arrival a few days ago. Since we are now closing in on it, we are here to share the news with you, and reveal 5aces’ participation in this year’s season. Talking about participation, if you think you’ve got the guts and the people, you can still sign your team up to this league. 3rd September is the start of your last chance to enter, right up until the 5th. Maybe we will meet on the battlefield!

The organisers of ESEA League really climbed up the ladders this year, providing us with a lot of changes. As well as a whole list of features. Here are a couple change highlights:

- Mountain Dew sponsorship: MTD are now officially sponsors of this ESEA S23, giving this league a larger spectrum to create a better experience for players and the fans alike. We also can’t forget the availability of a higher valued prize pool.

- Premier divisions increased: The North American and European premier divisions has received an increase in the team number. Now 24 teams instead of 17, this is a wide step and also thanks to the great new sponsors.

Also, check out this full list of features and changes.

ESEA Season 23 is a big event, and we sure will not miss it. Neither should you! Look out for the final scores and winning teams in this league. The matches start on the 11th September, and from that day onwards, keep checking for news and announcements.