ESEA & CEVO Season mediocre results


The CEVO GFinity Winter Series 2018 and the ESEA Season 27 came to an end.  We started with two Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams, having a mixed academy team and a main team consisting of five Finns playing for 5Aces eSport. While our main team was struggeling in the ESEA and CEVO Main Divisions, the academy team started furious with several wins in a row in the ESEA Intermediate Division and CEVO GFinity Winter Series 2018 Main Division. Due to the struggle to generate good results under the circumstances which led to disharmony within the team, though starting well in the FEL (Finnish eSports League), the main team became gradually unsecure resulting in replacing players to get out of the slump they were in.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, the academy team begun to struggle as well. Team captain Kevin "KEV" Milacic had to step back from playing due to personal reasons, following different issues in replacing him, leaving the team without a consitent lineup of five players for the rest of the season. After assessing the situation and considering having five players split up in two teams, the management decided to merge both teams and having only one team to finish all seasons properly. This went out well until a few matchdays before the seasons came to an end. Niko "ChoCo" Munukka and occasionally Elias "sanre" Ikkelä-Koski couldn't attend to certain matches and had to be replaced, deciding to add former 5Aces eSport members Hannes "Lenz" Stalde and Markus Jan "sickta" Martinonis to the roster.

The end of the season turned out to be a dissapointment missing a deciding match thus leaving a forfeit win to our opponents. The forfeit loss ultimately sealed the relegation of our ESEA Main Division Team in to the ESEA Intermediate Division for Season 28. After two years playing in the ESEA Main Division 5Aces eSport was supposed to start in the ESEA Intermediate Division in the upcoming season, but fortunately ESEA implemented a new Division "Advanced" to their league system which gave us the chance to propose for a spot in the Main Division again due to the past achievments of our new roster, which is:

Aleksandar "HLEB" Todorovic (SRB)
Hsein "EmPeRa" Chehab (LB)
Predrag "st0Le" Stojkovic (HR)
Vizible "TheVizible" Amin (DK)
Zik "Zik" Jensen (DK)

5Aces eSport would like to thank our sponsors, Ergotech and Dream Machines, for their support and trust which helps to make it possible to run our wonderful organization.