ESEA Season 25 and ESL Open Summer


5Aces eSport finished the ESEA Main Season 25 and ESL Open 2017 with mediocre results. After a very bad start with 7 defeats in a  row in to the ESEA Main Division Season 25 we had a to catch up and overcome the slump we were in. Due to several scheduling issues the team also failed to show up to the first two ESL Open League Summer 2017 matches resulting in def-losses finding ourselves on the bottom of the scoreboard.

This lead to the decision of changing something within the team managed by team-captain Hannes "LENZ" Stalde adding Sander "wndr" Mets replacing Georg "feeldtz" Kazakov and Martin "ri5k" Roosipuu who replaced Martin "SamVan" Avamere. These changes caused the honeymoon-period the team were in need of to win at least the amount of matches to secure the ESEA Main Division spot for the upcoming Season 26 in ESEA. At the end of the ESEA Main Division Season 26 our Counter Strike Global Offensive team finished with a record of 6 wins up against 10 defeats. Luckily, the 6 wins were enough to secure the spot for Season 26.

The ESL Open League Summer 2017 begun, as mentioned, with two defeats with 4 matches remaining to play. Despite this unlucky start due to schedule issues, the team managed to win all 4 matches which had to be played in best-of-three advancing to the playoffs, the ESL Open League Summer 2017 Playoffs. After that outstanding run we faced several team in the bracket being only two matches away from promoting to the upcoming season of the ESL Major League Winter 2017. However, a team called "Smoke Criminals" defeated us in the third map in overtime with a score of 19-17. After a troublesome start in to both seasons and bouncing back outstandingly in the second half of both seasons, the disappointment about being eliminated the way it happened was obviously big. But, considering the fact having two new players and a phenomenal team chemistry, we are looking forward to the new seasons.