ESL Pro League Season 4


ESL has started yet another season of their Pro League, and they are definitely not planning on stopping their train. Not even close. As they released the full schedule of events two days ago, now we can see it unfold before us. All the 28 teams are already, and will be battling each other in the race for the $750.000 prize pool that ESL has put on the table.

As we slowely dig into this two month event, we already have seen the bigger players; and Ninjas in Pyjamas unloading their clips . As destroyed GODSENT on a best of 3, 2-0, they have qualified for the Pro League. Now, they have already taken on Ninjas in Pyjamas. Grabbing the first win on Nuke 16:8, Ninjas in Pyjamas was in the lead. did not let loose, coming back to score a close victory on Overpass 19:17 and showing that they can pull off anything.

These were not the first matches of the day, though. Those were casted by Team X and FaZe Clan. Without a doubt, FaZe Clan took two triumphs, 16:13 on Train and 16:5 on Mirage. They will now be playing against, as Team X faces Ninjas in Pyjamas.

All of this only in the Europe. Now let’s take a look at North America!

Just like on the Europe side, there has already been four matches. Let’s start off with Cloud9 vs Team Liquid. Cloud9 won both of the matches, getting great results on Cobblestone, 16:8, and Dust 2, 16:10. Cloud9 might be coming back with a blast this time round!

The next match took place on Mirage and Train as OpTic took it to the next level and utterly annihilated compLexity, scoring 16:4 and 16:6. The next matches are still being decided on this side, though. Since the wildcards are still going for North America, and they will be decided soon.

The next set of matches start today and very soon. So rush to the broadcasts and watch as the scores count up! Also, if you have missed out on any matches, you can always check the official ESL schedule list, as well as the match sum ups on HLTV.