Finnish Team joins 5Aces eSport


After the ESEA Season 26 and the ESL Open League Winter 2017 came to an end, it's time to finish the seasons properly and bringing you news about the near future of our CSGO squad. The management was evaluating several opportunities and followed a high number of teams to find out which team would meet our interests and fits most in to the future development the organization is going to undergo. As stated, we were looking for a team that has the passion to play CSGO continously with its core for a long period of time. 5Aces eSport is always looking for sustainability to ensure the best possible situation for the organization behind the sporty aspirations to evolve. The management is looking for long term partnerships which is the same goal regarding all teams in the different esport titles we are active in.

Our previous Estonian team was a part of the organzation around a year and ensured that 5Aces eSport was always playing in the ESEA Main Division for 4 seasons in total. Even though the team had the potential, we failed to promote to the Premier Division of ESEA due to several reasons. While the core and the captain of the team remain the same, none of the 4 seasons were played with a full lineup of 5 players. A big number of stand-ins were installed throughout the 4 seasons and could help to keep the ESEA Main Division spot. Some issues within the team and personal conflicts led to those decisions which caused the stagnation in terms of improvement and development from the sporting perspective. However, the entire 5Aces eSport management want to thank everyone who was involved in the journey and the time we went through, especially Hannes "LENZ" Stalde for his sacrifice and effort he put in to build the team and find new players to ensure the activity in all leagues we signed up for. And we would also like to mention Markus Jan "sickta" Martinonis and thank him for his patience and loyality.

Sadly, the downside of the persistent player changes was that 5Aces eSport could not compete in several (important) qualifiers we would have liked to be a part of. Missing several qualifiers for tournaments like Intel Extrem Masters, DreamHack, ESL Cologne, ELEAUGE, Esport Championship Series and more was the other side of the coin. This is one of the sectors we want to improve with the five Finns who joined 5Aces eSport by signing long-term contracts. We had very constructive conversations regarding future plans, our visions and ideas where we experienced a surprising analogy in terms of the said plans, visions and ideas. Our team now consists of the following players:

Mikko "miska" Haakana
Jemi "jemi" Mäkinen
Rasmus "rasmljS" Pirttimaa
Eti "sanre" Ikkelä-Koski
Niko "ChoCo" Munukka

We are pleased to welcome all players to 5Aces eSport and we are looking forward to the start of the seasons with this promising lineup. Also we would like to thank Mikko "miska" Haakana for the friendly conversations we experienced. The team will start in the ESEA Main Division, CEVO Main Division and the ESL Open League. Furthermore, they are going to sign up to all qualifiers for important tournaments insofar the schedule allows them to prepare and play the qualifiers.