IEM Katowice 2017


As you all probably know - a few days ago the $ 250.000 prize pool tournament - IEM Katowice 2017 - has come to an end. And it was, simply put, as awesome as ever! So let’s take a quick recap of how it turned out as it went forth closer to the finals and beyond.

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2017 has started on the 1st of March and pressed for close to a week. Specifically five days. The tournament has been raging on from the playoffs’ beginning right up to the end of the grand final, where 12 teams fought to take the grand prize home. After many heated matches spread across these five important days, the remaining teams were Astralis and FaZe.

Let us look back for a minute. Yes. They lost Dreamhack Masters 2017 to in Las Vegas indeed. But let’s not forget - that was after they won the ELEAGUE Major 2017 against, yet again, VP. Astralis did not stop there. Now after IEM Katowice is done, one thing became clear - Astralis must have made a massive new year’s resolution for 2017.

Why? They walked into the Katowice Spodek Arena only ready to walk out as champions. They did not disappoint either. Winning the Grand Final against FaZe 3-1 in a major BO5 match. Astralis started on a lower note, as FaZe took them out 9:16 on Cache. Being motivated to win, Astralis pulled the score back on their side, smoking FaZe on the next 3 maps; Overpass 16:12, Nuke 16:12 and Inferno 16:13.

This makes IEM Katowice 2017 the second major tournament won by Astralis in 2017 alone, and we are only 3 months in. There is a lot to look forward to indeed, while that new year’s resolution might yet turn out to be true. With great anticipation. Right now, Astralis is probably ready to spend their winnings while they wait to turn their cumulative rage into pure skill in the next tournament. While we wait, stay tuned for more information regarding 5Aces eSport, as well as Major events.

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