nocturnal steps down as coach


Sometimes, also good things come to an end. Siim “nocturnal” Karo is leaving 5Aces eSport’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive roster with immediate effect.

Siim “nocturnal” Karo joined 5Aces eSport as a coach and a team manager in August 2016. Immediately after he joined he became a key factor to our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team’s successes in all leagues we were, and still are participating in. Siim “nocturnal” Karo joined 5Aces eSport in a time when the Austrian roster played under our flag. Although, due to their disbandment, caused by the roster’s lack of motivation and professionalism, he found himself confronted with the circumstance of finding a new team right off the bat. 5Aces eSport managed to sign a very promising roster of five phenomenal players consisting of three French members Adlane "Adlane" Mokrani , Alexis "alex_f" Fasquelle, Christophe "Ezekiel" Gusella, one Belgian member Ennana "hyyNANA" Abdel and their captain from the United States Donovan “zNf” Froid. After a stunning performance in the ESEA Season 23 Intermediate Division, the team managed to make it to the playoffs with ease. They proceeded to reach the Grand Final, but lost against a Finish team "Findictus" and missed a spot in the ESEA Season 24 Premier Division. Also, the team lead by “zNf” took over the CEVO Season 11 Main Division team.

Siim “nocturnal” Karo helped the team to improve in many ways, and took over a lot of tasks and responsibilities so that the players could focus on what was essential for them - namely playing and practicing. However, after both seasons the team decided to disband because the French side wanted to form a new roster. Under several circumstances the communication became weak, but mostly due to the fact that all players had to communicate in their non-native-language except “zNf”. This resulted in a situation, where Siim “nocturnal” Karo had to find another team for 5Aces eSport. This time, a young Estonian roster with big perspective which is still under contract at 5Aces eSport, and will stay for as long as possible. However, after managing and trying to coach the team for a while, he decided to step down from all resposnibilities due to private reasons. Also, some differences between the roster and the coach arised. The fact that the team and Siim “nocturnal” Karo had different perspectives regarding the future strategy of playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive resulted in Siim’s departure from the team.

The 5Aces eSport management and everyone involved in working with Siim would like to thank him not only for his high efforts put into coaching and training the team, but also the great amounts of amazing work he fulfilled in the time of being a part of our wonderful organization. Obviously, we wish Siim all the best in future and – that being said – the 5Aces eSport door will always stay undoubtedly open.