PGL Summer Finals Ending

Yesterday, we took a look at the ELEAGUE Season 1 Quarterfinal ending, with’s golden victory. Today, we will look at how the Pro Gamer League Summer Finals have come to a close. Epsilon and Team X have sharpened their teeth for this last stand. Battling to be the champions of this entire Championship, on three out of five maps; Train, Dust 2 and Cobblestone.

This whole match has been pretty equal for both teams in terms of K/D. Match scores? Not so much. Epsilon swarmed Team X with seemingly good scores of 16:6 on Train and 16:10 on Dust 2. Epsilon, already winning two tiring games, not only they have slightly depleted their efficiency, but Team X has also improved their game right at the end. Thus, cutting it close on Cobblestone, but still winning 16:14. Now, after reaching the top, they can rest up, recharge and enjoy the winnings of this Championship. At least for a while.

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