Promote to ESEA Intermediate

Season 19 in the Esport Entertainment League (ESEA) was a fruitful Season for 5Aces eSport. We managed to clinch the playoffs of the ESEA Open with our Counter Strike Global Offensive Team with a 10-6 record after the regular season. This result lead us right into the Post Season and the Playoff Bracket, where we had the chance to promote to the Main Division. The Playoffs went fine after 5Aces eSport won four games to reach the quarter final where we had to face mTw and its Danish roster.

Well, we suffered a considerable loss against mTw so we finished the playoffs with a 4-1 record, managing to promote to the ESEA Intermediate Division for Season 20. Our roster lead by Marcel "aNixX" Dressler decided to take a brake before preparing for Season 20. We are looking forward to a great Season 20 in the ESEA Intermediate Division.