Racing Team wins AOR Championship


The 5Aces eSport virtual racing team brought an astonishing achievement in their first season driving for the organization. Máté "Vernux" Ferensitz and Mark "Nismo" Ouwehand teamed up for 5Aces eSport to drive in the Apex Online Racing Elite League Season 8. While Mark "Nismo" Ouwehand struggled due to several technical issues and tough luck in races, still managing to gather enough points helping the team staying in the hunt for the team championship, Máté "Vernux" Ferensitz won the first two races in Imola, Italy and Spa Francorchamps, Belgium before Slightly Mad Studios released a patch which nerfed the Ferrari due to its performance being reputed "too fast comparing to the other cars", giving other drivers an advantage, even though the patch intended to level the different cars and making them setup-biased. However, due to the patch the Ferrari became worse and messed up Máté "Vernux" Ferensitz's car setups. Mark "Nismo" Ouwehand was still followed by technical issues and bad luck, getting hit by other drivers or simply having trouble with the car and its technique or his peripherhial.

After picking up two wins in the first two races, Máté "Vernux" Ferensitz was fighting with his nerfed Ferrari to keep his place in the sun placing 6th in the 3rd race in Algarve, Portugal, making it to 4th place behind Mark "Nismo" Ouwehand, who slowly but surely found his confidence and balance again, before they had to burn some times in the asphalt on Laguna Seca, USA, where Máté "Vernux" Ferensitz secured the driver championship title, leaving the highspeed track in Monza, Italy to decide the team championship. The last race im Italy went mediocre, with a 5th place for Máté "Vernux" Ferensitz and 10th place for Mark "Nismo" Ouwehand, still managing to keep the lead in the team championship with 14 points ahead in front of the second placed team "YorRex Racing".

However, the end of the season didn't mean the end of the success for 5Aces eSport's Máté "Vernux" Ferensitz. He started to compete in endurance races driving 24 hours and 12 hours in Daytona respectively Bathurst, together with 5Aces eSport driver David "Soulah" van Buuren and external drivers. Despite the successful season in the Apex Online Racing Elite League Season 8, Máté "Vernux" Ferensitz and Mark "Nismo" Ouwehand are starting to focus more on iRacing. The final decision has not yet been made yet, which game both drivers will favour in future.

5Aces eSport individual and team success in the Elite League should not detract from the achievements of Daniel "Mr.Nesterowicz" Nesterowicz-Clausen. He competed in the Pro League of the Apex Online Racing League, dominating the championship at will. Daniel "Mr.Nesterowicz" Nesterowicz-Clausen won the championship with a gap of 32 points ahead of the second driver, securing also the championship with 211 points ahead of the second place who could only prove 128 points which means that Daniel "Mr.Nesterowicz" Nesterowicz-Clausen alone would have taken the drivers championship and team championship with his 160 points with ease. This performance brought him the promotion to compete in the Elite League of the Apex Online Racing League Season 9.

5Aces eSport is glad having such extremely talented and skilled drivers in its Virtual Racing team. We are looking forward in to a bright future with our drivers, picking up more champiosnhips and recognition. The entire organization is nothing but proud. Good Race lads and thank you!