SL i-League Season 2 Finals


While we wait these last few hours for SL i-League Season 2 to start, we have a nice bit of information rolling around, enough to take your fires out… but don’t take this literally, please guys.

To get into this event fast when it starts, you first need to be prepared. So here, we will sum up the official preparations, as well as what they are planning after the green light has been lit.

Thanks G20 - After the G20 summit, the previous host of the event has had a few problems with the visas of some of the players. This is very unfortunate since the whole event had to be moved to a completely different location.

Calendar and Location - The event will start tomorrow, 7th September. It will be going on right up until 11th September, which will mark the end of season 2. Everything will take place in Kiev at the StarLadder studios and Palace ‘Ukraina’.

Teams and Times - There will be a total of 16 teams participating in this season. There are four groups listed, four teams each. The first match starts at 10 AM local time, so be careful not to miss it! You can find the stream right here!

Prize Pool - The prize pool is a steady sum of $300k, which will be nicely split between the usual places. 1st will get the biggest cut of $150k, or in other numbers 50%.

For more details, check out the great preview on HLTV!