Slightly Mad Studios Interview with Aleksandr

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As of July 15th, 5Aces eSport is officially being watched... in a good way, of course. Yes. Our fine team’s leader, Aleksandr 'USSRALeXeR' Agramakov has been interviewed by the Slightly Mad Studios on a bunch of different topics about the team. Project CARS’ producers deemed this time to be the best opportunity to interview another one of the best teams of the 2016 ProjectCARS Esports.

Alexandr went into detail, explaining as much as possible to SMS and the fans. Some of these include; the championship, a lot (and I mean, a lot) about cars, preparation, and a bit about the past, as well as the future. This article is a gold mine of information, not only for followers and fans, but also for beginners looking to become a pro:

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