Solid performance of CS:GO Team

It is time to take a look at what our Counter Strike Global Offensive team has achieved so far in all the leagues we are participating in. These include ­CEVO Intermediate Season 10, ESEA Intermediate Season 22, the Open League of the Electronic Sports League and the 99Damage Season 3.

First of all, let us take a look at the CEVO Intermediate Season 10 in which we take part for the first time ever. More than half of the season has passed and it is definitely our most successful record in a league since our existence. Despite our team forming just a few days before all leagues started and not having the time to practice much in advance, we managed to start with a 6-­0 record, following a defeat against an unknown team. However, we didn't let ourselves get influenced by this, and moved on with another two wins, expanding our record positively, getting 8­-1 and a 4th place in the ranking (it might changed already).

The next league we started our gaming operations in was the Esport Entertainment (ESEA) Season 22 where we had to play with two players from our old lineup in three of the first four matches, otherwise we would have been relegated and removed from the Intermediate Division. It went off much better than expected and after losing the first match in overtime we managed to win our next two matches. Thus, starting pretty well despite all circumstances. Although, the joy did not last for long since we suffered three close losses against teams we should have won with. Therefore, our record changed and we were in a slump. Yet again, we didn’t let our heads down and were willing to turn it around. Suddenly, our next four opponents didn’t show up and we received four def­wins in a row since they forfeited the match. Despite our readiness to play and defeat our opponents, we were happy to increase our Round Difference which is very important to stay infront of other teams having the same record as us. The playoffs are close and we now have a big chance to slip into it if we secure a spot under the first 16 in the ranking  (27th at the moment). We do not have to mention that we are trying to promote to the ESL Major League for the 3rd time since we missed to qualifiy the last two seasons failing both seasons in the playoffs early.

Nonetheless, we are pretty confident this time with our team performing well, to make it into the ESL Major League for the next season. Though we do not want to sound arrogant, we do take the liberty to say that the playoffs spot was secured before the ESL Open even begun. A healthy sense of identity, nothing more. Another new league we started in was the 99Damage, thus, having to face different teams in one of the Starting Divisions. All matches we played went pretty much “YOLO­Style” due to the big skill gap the teams had. Many Starting Division teams are playing for fun, or were not skilled enough to compete on the level we are playing at the moment. We still continue to improve, because, we know that we have to.

Moreover, a little change was made with the replacement of Rene ‘m00n’ Mareda. We added Amel 'krowN' Zuhric as our fifth player because Rene ‘m00n’ Mareda couldn't improve anymore due to privat reason. We will part ways in good standing trying to keep Rene ‘m00n’ Mareda at 5Aces eSport in a different position.