5Aces eSport UG has acquired a new partnership with iSHOUTCASTu. This is an important connection, because it is a very crucial part, especially for the fans. Let the management explain.

5Aces eSport has a new lineup for the CS:GO team now. This new lineup is not climbing the ladder anymore, instead they are flying up, ignoring any stop signs on the way. All these matches are very important, especially those against tougher teams, and those that decide where the 5Aces eSport team will go next. The audience should not miss any bit of these matches! This is where iSHOUTCASTu comes in. We have mended this partnership to be able to provide high quality streams of the matchups. Now, nobody will miss any decisive 1v1, 5v1, headshot, blindshot, no-scope, whatever new phrase somebody will have to come up with… ever again. Thanks to iSHOUTCASTu, the streams will be operating at their maximum. The staff and management of 5Aces eSport will also have a lot more time to sort out any upcoming and past events, partnerships and more.

The 5Aces eSport crew would like to thank iSHOUTCASTu yet again for agreeing to this partnership! We are looking forward to make great progress. Stay tuned for more news soon, and remember to check out iSHOUTCASTu’s website, as well as our partnership on the 5Aces eSport website!