It's been a long, long time of waiting to release our website. After a lot of work and different discussions regarding the style and functionality, 5Aces eSport and the Web-Design agency concluded to go the way we did. We have built a website we can be proud of. We wanted to create something different compared to all other known standard dimensions and styles the gaming scene is struggling in. Our goal was to create a simple looking website with clear navigations but the most possible informations for our visitors, supporters and people who may become supporters in the future.

5Aces eSport would like to thank Artz4you for their patience and the hard work they put into our new home. We appreciate every single click they did, every single sentence the coder wrote and we do also hope to improve our business relationship. To meet our requirements we find it imperative to keep innovating. Therefore, 5Aces eSport is looking forward to a great future with our new website and the great management that is working hard behind the scenes to make this all possible. Moreover, we will put our whole effort to reach our goals as soon as possible.