5Aces eSport introduces team from Norway


We are pleased to announce a new team that will now compete for 5Aces eSport in all leagues, qualifying tournaments and all other competitions in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. At the same time, we announce the separation from our current team. The team, consisting of five players from Estonia, has recently informed the management that they are disbanding to explore options separately. We would like to thank our previous team for the passion and dedication with which they have represented 5Aces eSport over the past months.

5Aces from Estonia


We are proud to announce that 5Aces eSport is resuming its operations to conquer the Counter Strike Global Offensive leagues, such as the ESEA divisions and tournament qualifiers. At the end of 2018, we stopped all operational activities to explore various and above all the best options for the future. With the current line-up, we have finally found a team that will represent 5Aces eSport in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Our previous team, which represented 5Aces eSport, disbanded in the middle of the 29th ESEA season.