5Aces eSport sign Estonians


Our sum-up article about the achievements our previous team completed was released while ago. Inside was stated that the most recently aquired 5Aces eSport mixed lineup was being discharged due to they disband in order to find new teams. The communication in English was a too distracting barrier so the French side decided to find a French speaking lineup. The most recently acquired title goes to another, fresh team lineup. 5Aces eSport are getting back into action. Once again, at its finest.

New Partnership Acquired


The recent sportive successes of 5Aces eSport's teams have had an impact on the popularity. It is a very important endeavour for 5Aces eSport to make the next step in order to extend our business relationships. For the past few days the management has been hard at work communicating with Dream Machines to establish yet another, and a new partnership for 5Aces eSport UG. This is the fourth partnership 5Aces eSport has secured so far, and looking forward to more in the future.