5Aces eSport UG


5Aces eSport now 5Aces eSport UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) - From this day onwards, 5Aces eSport is officially a company. Known fully as 5Aces eSport UG and operating by the German laws, we are now able to push even further. We have registered our beloved name to become something bigger a while back. Now, we have finally completed all the procedures and paperwork, and preparing for more actions to come soon.


Statement by 5Aces eSport UG CEO Eduard Kreiter;

Slightly Mad Studios Interview with Aleksandr

News General

As of July 15th, 5Aces eSport is officially being watched... in a good way, of course. Yes. Our fine team’s leader, Aleksandr 'USSRALeXeR' Agramakov has been interviewed by the Slightly Mad Studios on a bunch of different topics about the team. Project CARS’ producers deemed this time to be the best opportunity to interview another one of the best teams of the 2016 ProjectCARS Esports.

GameLaden becomes new Partner


A good partner for an E-Sport organization is always the main key for success. Therefore, we proudly announce that 5Aces eSport and has decided to come together to set a long-term partnership. Working together from now on means that 5Aces eSport will gain more potential and several possibilities to ensure the sustainability that is needed to move into the right direction.